Artist’s statement

Primarily an abstract painter, with a strong focus on colour, Gavin works mostly in oil. His paintings present themselves as physical aesthetic objects in their own right, rather than as proxies for a represented subject, but they carry and trigger associations.

In terms of categorisation, his work sits within the traditions of abstract expressionism, colourfield and lyrical abstraction. Relationships of colour, space and mark combine to produce works that resonate emotionally. Gavin draws heavily on his experience of light and environment, as well as music, memory and his own emotional experiences. He chooses titles that he hopes will bring these associations to viewers, but in an indirect, open way that allows space for the viewer’s own perspective and personal history.

Gavin’s approach to colour and composition is analogous to making music, with rhythm, movement and layering combining to produce a compelling overall effect that holds the viewer’s attention and triggers cognitive and emotional associations.

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